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Lawrence Parham Community Activist Award

Lawrence Parham (Larry) was involved in co-creating new and innovative local programs and projects that promote and elevate social and political involvement. He had over 20+ years of work experience as a grassroots organizer fighting for racial, social, environmental, and economic justice spanning the public, private and nonprofit sectors.


Not only was Larry a seasoned community mobilizer, but he was also a genuinely kindhearted person. He had the ability to look at anyone struggling and be able to see the good and the inspirational parts of them. Larry, simply put, had love for everyone; he saw the humanity, the good, and the potential in everyone. One could not be in the same room with Larry and leave without feeling newly confident about something. He brought people together—an organizer and community builder in every space he entered into.

Larry was the co-founder and CEO of CARES Advocates for Families Inc., a grassroots organization created to address disproportionality and disparities in public education, partnering primarily with families who are low-income, of color and/or who have children with disabilities.  In his role as CEO of CARES, Larry also authored academic papers and presented at national academic conferences. 

Congratulations to Andrew Pragacz, our 2023 winner!

To apply for the 2024 Lawrence Parham Community Activist Award, please click the link below:

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