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Parent Mentor Program

The CARES Parent Mentor Program was created in 2012. This program pairs parents with a volunteering teacher, creating an opportunity for them to work together in a classroom. Parent mentors receive a stipend for their important work. If you are interested in applying to become a Parent Mentor, please click the button below:

The CARES Parent Mentor Program was created in 2012 when local parents and advocates worked together and came up with this innovate and effective program. 
This program places parents in the classroom to help mitigate referrals and suspension of students of color.  Today, our Parent Mentors are a consistent part of the Binghamton City School District, where they do the following:

  • De-escalate conflict between students and misunderstandings between students, staff & parents.

  • Be involved with & attend committee, school board, and community group meetings.

  • Build rapport with staff, students, and families

  • Attend weekly training, in addition to working up to 10 hours per week.

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