About us

What is our mission?

As a grassroots organization, CARES commits itself to the empowerment of both students and parents in the larger Binghamton region. We participate in lobbying sure, but our real work is directly with parents and teachers and students, developing healthy relationships built on trust and understanding. We are pushing together for higher standards of justice for our children.

What do we do?

CARES (Community Advocates Restoring Educational Standards) helps students and families in the Binghamton school district and beyond make positive change through community-based organizing and advocacy. We hold meetings twice a month at the Community Center at 85 Walnut Street in Binghamton.

What are our values?

  • We support parental empowerment that advocates for the equitable education of all children.

  • We support the use of restorative justice practices and the reduction of suspensions and expulsions.

  • We facilitate parent engagement with schools by introducing parents to school practices, norms and policies through our workshops and our work as parent advocates.

Important information

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