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About Us

CARES Advocates for Families, Inc (Community Advocates Restoring Educational Standards) helps students and families of color in the Binghamton school district disrupt the racialized and class based social injustices, promote equity along the lines of race and class and promote restorative justice in communities and within the Binghamton City School District. To execute our mission, CARES operates using a community organizer toolset, namely relational organizing. CARES has successfully implemented several programs in the Binghamton City school district, including the Parent Mentor Program, in which a parent is present in a classroom to help mitigate referrals and suspensions for students of color. CARES provides advocates to accompany families attending disciplinary meetings and hearings. CARES provides training for Parent Advocates throughout the year around transformative justice, trauma informed care and creating social capital within the Binghamton City school district for parents who could otherwise be racially excluded. The annual CARES Backpack Giveaway has supplied thousands of children with a free backpack and school supplies.


CARES fosters a collective of parents of color, community, and university members who work together to disrupt the racialized and class based social injustice, promote equity along the lines of race and class and promote restorative justice in communities and within the

school system.

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The vision of CARES is working to change the culture of the school system to a place that is more just and equitable for families of color.

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